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Goodnight, Hester

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nanny2I lost my grandmother just before Christmas. I got a call that she was in the hospital and not doing well–I drove six hours to the mountains and joined the family vigil near the ICU–the next day she was gone. Three days later I stood in front of family and friends in a tiny church in Hot Springs, NC and tried to blubber out these words.

I’m not sure how it is for you, but this is how it is with me. There are two spigots inside me right now and they’re both running wide open. Out of one of the taps is a torrent of sadness but I’ll try to ignore that one for now and focus on the other spigot. Rushing out of the other tap inside me are fond recollections from 40-something years worth of memories that are just flooding back. A million things that I’d forgotten. My otherwise foggy memory has provided these unexpected gifts, brought them out of the recesses for me to ponder and reflect on and I thank my memory for those gifts, and those memories are coming fast and strong.

With one tap spewing sadness and the other tap spewing wonderful memories, there’s a sea of emotion rolling just beneath the surface, and I imagine we are all going through a similar thing, each in our own way, each with our own flooding memory banks.

Here are a few reflections of Nanny from my happy tap.

Nanny was sweet, caring, and always interested in what you were doing and thinking.

She was funny and had a way of delivering one-liners and old-timey sayings that would break you up. “My stars…” was used to express mild disbelief…but “You’re kidding…” was reserved for special occasions and true family scandals.

She was extremely thoughtful and generous. If the Carter’s Children’s store in Gatlinburg has a Hall of Fame for Legendary Spenders, she is surely a part of it.

As many of you know, she was a gracious hostess and lived to serve others. You could not enter her house without having to eat a bite of something. She was not above waking you up from a sound sleep to ask if you wanted more pie.

There was nothing like watching Nanny and Deedaddy manage a meal in the kitchen. Deedee poking at some bacon in the frying pan; Nanny wiping up crumbs. She was forever wiping up crumbs. Nanny had the unique ability to see crumbs that weren’t even visible to the naked eye. They had a playful, spunky, ongoing chatter with each other that always made us laugh. It was a dance. And for people who think Dancing with the Stars is entertainment, they never saw Nanny and Deedee work a kitchen.

She stayed in touch, even when you weren’t doing your part.

I looked in my phone for something from Nanny; we talked a lot but I recently deleted a bunch of stuff from my phone. The last item in my deleted voicemail folder, was a call from Nanny.

It said, “Call me when you get a minute. I want to see how busy you are today. I guess you’re real busy, aren’t you? Let me know. Talk to you later, honey. Bye.”

I like to think I returned that call, but I don’t know. I am busy. But we’re not as busy as we think we are. There’s time to carve out for people. Showing your love, concern, and gratefulness is easy. Love is a currency that we all use, we all give it and take it, spend it, share it, or save and hoard it. You never know when you will lose the ability to give it or receive it. So it’s up to each of us to send that love around while we can.

I love you, Nanny. I hope you knew how much.


The Fleeting Tweet as a Fictional Feat

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So Lunaphyte is trying to catch up with all that is hip and happening–it’s Twitter time. Of course the Twitter trend is several years old now and we’re probably jumping on a broken down bandwagon, but that is how we roll here.  But rather than offering trite musings about day to day life, Lunaphyte will attempt to tweet microficiton–small stories that stand on their own in the confines of the allowed characters. Hopefully the real story will take place in the mind of the reader–finding what’s not there and running through the possibilities in his or her imagination. Check them out at

R.I.P., Levon Helm

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Click picture to take another trip to Cripple Creek. 



TMZ Finds Legendary Rock Bottom

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The nadir of journalism, a depth that has been pursued since man first picked up a Bic, has finally been achieved.  TMZ’s story, which was published today, characterized troubled actress Lindsey Lohan and the recently deceased rapper, Heavy D, as “Morgue Buddies.”  The paragraphs of copy under the unbelievable headline continued to make light of Heavy D’s untimely death and his subsequent entry into the morgue where Lohan is performing her community service.

Reaching the lowest of the low has been attempted by countless hacks and organizations over the years, but TMZ has positioned itself to be the epitome of slime journalism since first coming onto the scene in 2005. With this one headline and story, they have finally achieved the polar opposite of greatness.

After the momentous occasion, the TMZ offices went wild with jubilation. Runt tyrant/publisher Harvey Levin did a cartwheel. The wannabe hipster, longhaired Nancyboy said, “Cool.”  The graphic t-shirt wearing buffoon with excessive hair gel fainted.  Frick and Frack that stand in back, made out.  All of the other bottom-feeding, nobody, turds threw stacks of paper in the air and hugged in triumph. As a show of solidarity, the hordes of scum videographers that stalk L.A. and any other places where a celebrity may appear, put down their cameras and celebrated with a moment of silence.

That moment of silence was stunning and beautiful.

Once it was over, the cameras whirred back to life and the embarrassing, cruel, irresponsible, and hateful quest for attention continued.