Mike Johnson – Live from the The House

“Johnson has outdone himself here. Not only are the production values low, but the jokes are stale and the delivery is poor. Let’s hope he stops with Set #1.” Bill Hicks



2 Responses to “Mike Johnson – Live from the The House”

  1. Dave Johnson Says:

    Enjoyed your comedy bit Mikey. Laughed at the shitting in the ocean part, if you make it big change that to Scott who shit in the ocean and launched his destroyers in your direction. Great to hear your voice geeking out for that fake audience. Brought back memories of bird hand people and air guitars. Seems like only yesterday. Thanks for the memory lane skipping session Lil Bro.

    • Thanks, bro! Thought I’d try a different format and needed some canned laughs to cover gaps! You shitting on me in the ocean is a fond memory, somehow.

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