What’s in the Oven?

Before I even thought of myself as a father, I was a man with a pregnant wife. Somehow it didn’t become real until my son came out and I held him in my arms and felt the world shift.  Before that moment, I had to ponder what was in there. I wrote a silly song about it back then and maybe some of you dads out there will remember the curious wait.

Happy Father’s Day weekend!

watermelon baby

What’s in the Oven sound file

What’s in the Oven?

My precious wife is now with child

And baby stuff is our new style

It’s so wild to watch the pile grow

Our six doctors help us out

They tell us what will happen now

They give us books that show us what to know

There is one that thing I have come to realize

It’s a cheesy way they estimate the baby’s size

First it’s a peanut, a kumquat, a lime, then a lemon

What’s with all these fruit-bearing women

I want a baby not something down the produce aisle

I want arms and legs and true genitalia

Eyes and ears and a nose that can smell you

I want a baby but I guess it’s gonna be a while

So I watch her belly rise

Like she’s baking baby pies

There’s a growing sense of wonder in the air

We’re thumbing through the guides

To see what’s going on inside

And find out just what’s rooted down in there

Before the useful information can begin

They put you back into the grocery store again

It’s a tomato, potato, banana, now a carrot

Dream up any food and they’ll compare it

So glad the sonogram shows something vaguely humanoid

It’s got arms and legs and true genitalia

We’ve got some photographs to email you

We’ve got a baby

We’ve got a little baby boy

2014 Makobranch Music
All rights reserved

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