If Soft Rockers Had a Friend Like Vince Vaughn

Getting your heart broken can send you down a spiral of self-pity and make you resort to humiliating behavior—I’d do anything to get her back!—how many times have you thought that? If you had friends at the time, they surely found you to be a pathetic, one-note crybaby and wanted to smack you across your blubbering lips.

During those times, soft rock radio is the only thing that speaks your language. But do you ever wonder what those wussies who wrote some of music’s most enduring ballads were thinking? How could they share all those embarrassing, shameful details of their own heartbreaks? All of that pining and pleading and mush? They needed a cold slap of reality by the hairy hand of a manlier friend. Someone like Vince Vaughn.

soft rock_reo

soft rock_air supply2

soft rock_elton

soft rock_simon

soft rock_air supply1

 soft rock_bread

One Response to “If Soft Rockers Had a Friend Like Vince Vaughn”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the laugh.

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