In the Pressure Cooker

pressure cooker-01You can’t blame an inanimate object! The gun nuts bring this up every time there’s a killing or attack using something other than a firearm. There’s a cry from the chorus, “Now they want to ban assault knives…now they want to ban assault pressure cookers, etc.” Yuk yuk. Here’s the thing: a nuclear bomb is also an inanimate object but do we want Kim Jong Un to have one? No. That’s all most Americans want with better background checks and improved policy—society should do everything possible to keep instruments of death away from people with potentially sinister motives, just like we’re doing with North Korea.

A nuclear bomb and a gun are designed to kill—that is their function and purpose. While many guns may spend their inanimate lives firing harmlessly into range targets, their manufacture and design is that of a killing machine. A knife has other purposes as does a pressure cooker, obviously. The inanimate object argument is ridiculous and it’s a shame that Tennessee Senator Stacy Campfield is getting any publicity for his moronic comments.


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