The Lewd Limerick Lounge

 Welcome, creepers and peepers and bad word bleepers. Here’s a salty sampling of some vile verse that was originally written to debase and embarrass colleagues. Upon completion, pasting the words into free online text-to-speech software turned the whole sordid exercise into sharable sound files. Enjoy! If you’d like something written for a coworker, relative or spouse, simply comment with the request.   

Warning: Files below contain offensive and adult humor.   

Ode to Will

Ode to Sischo

Ode to Noah

Ode to Chadwick

Ode to Tommy

Ode to Adam

Ode to Cline

Ode to Jake


2 Responses to “The Lewd Limerick Lounge”

  1. Dave Johnson Says:

    That is some funny stuff Mike. I really liked the one to the Hooper. What a trooper. Ray says that our senses of humor are very similar.

  2. Thanks for dropping by! Maybe one of these will end up on a bathroom wall in a Denver gay bar some day.

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