Putty in Your Hands

On a recent trip to the mountains, I took along my son’s Silly Putty.  I got it for him as a stocking stuffer and he might enjoy his gift if I could put it down for more than 10 minutes.  My wife drove for the first hour of the trip while I played with the Silly Putty.  I balanced each putty creation on my leg and took a picture with my cell phone before giving the sculpture to my son to squish ceremoniously.  Yes, my wife is surprisingly tolerant of my oddball behavior. 




His eyes are made of Tic Tacs.

His ears are formless flaps.

His freaky face gets flattened

Every time the fella naps.




Little Doug the Earthworm

Tracked dirt across the floor.

His mom told him to wipe his feet

so he slithered out the door.



 There’s a peter made of putty

 Sitting on my thigh.

I show it off to truckers

As our car goes speeding by.




Here we have some lovely grapes

Upon a cell cord vine.

If you squeeze them in a cup

You’re making silly wine.




This candy is an offering

To the travel gods above.

Please bless our car with clear terrain,

Strong bladders and with love.




Pretzel Logic is a great CD

But Aja is the best,

Yet Donald Fagan’s solo work

Is up there with the rest.




Where did this creature come from?

It climbed right up my leg.

I’ll teach it how to fetch a beer,

Roll over and to beg.




I brought along my winter hat

In case we see some snow.

It will keep me warm and dry

If I wear it on my toe.



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