Alternative Uses for Bumper Balls

If you live in the south, you’ve probably seen plastic scrotums hanging off of truck bumpers. These odd novelty items are known as Trucknutz or Bumper Balls and I guess they’re meant to suggest that your vehicle is virile and manly. (Yes, it’s pretty idiotic.) Some think they’re funny, some find them obscene, other folks consider them crass and obnoxious.  If you find large plastic balls intriguing but would rather not attach a set to the bumper of the family van, there are many other uses for them. (I offer a special shout-out to Jamie H. who dreams of hanging a pair of decorative balls over every doorway in our office building. I admire dreamers of all kinds!)


A paperweight for your desk


Decorative caps for your fence posts


A flashy pendant for your bolo tie


A unique topper for your Christmas tree 


A delightful door knock


A pull chain for the kitchen ceiling fan


One-of-a-kind wine glass charm


A substitute for mistletoe


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    Completely Dumb

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