“Lost” Series Finale Leaked

A leaked sequence from the series finale of Lost hit the internet on Thursday, and a major plotline has been revealed.  Hugo Reyes, better known as Hurley to followers of the show, can be seen wandering the Island’s vast beaches.  But in this timeline, he casts a much smaller shadow; Hurley now appears less than half his normal size.  An anonymous staff writer for the show explains the surprising shrinkage. “In a flash sideways, we discover that Hurley is encouraged by the ghost of Libby [his popular love interest] to drop a couple of pounds. So Jack introduces him to a doctor who performs gastric bypass surgery and Hurley, determined to reunite with Libby before she gets shot by Michael, returns to the Island.”

The footage shows Hurley catching a separate doomed flight that flies through the electromagnetic field of the Island while Sawyer simultaneously spins the giant wheel, thus causing the plane to crash. Skinny Hurley emerges from the wreckage of the plane, brushes back his long hair, and strides up the beach in super slow-motion.  Hurley then lifts a smoking piece of wreckage from the shattered legs of John Locke, and bends down dramatically to kiss a gasping, near-topless, Libby. The sequence rolls on, with nearly 2:13 of screen time devoted to an open-mouthed kissing montage.

“We always intended for Hurley to be the hero of the series,” continues the writer, “and I think we figured out a way to make that happen.” 

While ABC executives and Lost producers are trying to limit the spread of the leaked clip, fans of the show are planning their finale parties and scanning their TV Guides to find something, anything,  suitable to replace the ground-breaking, highly-imaginative, original, genius, perfectly cast and executed show that has dominated their lives for the past six years.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Stupid as fuck

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