Lady Gaga Fans Gasp at Red Carpet Gaffe

A recent fashion stunt by the performer known as Lady Gaga has unleashed a firestorm of protest from the animal rights community. Attending the opening of Hollywood’s new Rodeo Drive Cracker Barrel on February 15th, Ms. Gaga arrived with a living, full grown toy poodle superglued to her head.  Red carpet royalty and bystanders alike were surprised and disturbed by her cheeky, canine chapeau. Barbara Benfield, who had come all the way from Reno for the fried flounder and the chance to glimpse hungry celebrities, says, “I couldn’t believe it when she came out of the limo with that poodle stuck to her head! The thing was writhing around and Lady Gaga was trying hard to keep her balance. When it started howling in pain and scratching at her scalp, I really thought one of her bodyguards would intervene and shoot the poor animal. It was pretty awkward.”

 Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru, the famously flamboyant fashion fem, was working the event for the TV Guide Channel. Cojo had this to say about her barking beehive, “I was expecting either a spandex wrap or maybe even a full-body burlap sack to go with the country whatnots and plow parts that grace the interior of the restaurant. But a toy poodle? Girl, it did not match at all. If you’re going to make a head accessory out of a dog for an event like this, at least opt for a bloodhound puppy. Or why not a piglet? A piglet would’ve been perfect.”

The 23 year-old pop culture phenom was later seen having drinks at the trendy Bar Noir, with the limp animal slung over her chilly shoulders. PETA, the ASCPA, and Cesar Milan have formally started a boycott on her albums and merchandise. Gaga has made no comment.


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