Who’s Your Daddy?

GEDC1479      As you prepare to have a child, there will be books to read, countless doctors to overstuff your already full memory hampers, and strangers and family alike to advise you on everything from clothes to food to how to wipe your baby’s butt. But the advice I received and never believed was the notion that all our time would be spent on the child. Now that we have a 10-month old son, it is clearly true. Babies eat time. They gobble it down. The byproduct is either something to pick up, clean, or Google. What were we so busy doing before he was born? Now every waking moment is spent either preparing him for something or creating a contingency plan to prepare him for something. A walk in the stroller requires as much preparation as the advance on Guadalcanal. It’s impossible to calculate how much time we’ve spent assembling, disassembling and washing bottle parts. You will find it increasingly difficult to find time to work on your novel, hang your shelves, organize the attic, or the hundreds of other projects that you have been meaning to do. But the truth is that your child is the most important project that you’ve ever had the privilege to undertake. And the small, meaningless games you play together and the little songs and late night walks you take through the dim lighting of your home are the magic ingredients. All those moments are like art and if you string enough of them together, a happy, healthy child will emerge and that creation will outshine and outlast anything that you’ve ever done before.

 So if you’re planning on having a kid in the near future, do everything that you need to do now.  Your whole world is about to change and your ability to make time will stop.  Get it all the way, with relish.


2 Responses to “Who’s Your Daddy?”

  1. Love the new site MJ. Great post. I can’t say that it’s making me any less apprehensive about parenthood, though. Time management ain’t exactly my forte as it is.

  2. Thanks, Jonny. I think it’s helped direct and focus me. There’s more on your plate but there are people depending on you to actually do things.

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